Talk-O-Tuesdays are back for another season! Join us for supplementary discussion, practice, or help prepping for competition.

Zoom rooms will open at 4:30 PM and run until 6:30 PM. Contact any WTSA officer for the zoom link.

Talk-o Tuesdays

Date Topic
September 14 Competition Kick-Off. Answering questions about in-person tournaments, watching performances, general help before the first tournaments of the season.
October 12 UIL Congress Prep; Extemp Tips/Practice
November 9 CX Debate prep; Oratory/Informative Topics/Practice
December 14 UIL Congress State Prep; LD Spring Topic Analysis
January 18 Interp Preparation - documentation requirements for UIL, TFA, and NSDA, working performances, writing introductions, etc.
February 8 NSDA District/TFA State Prep - work events, ask questions, etc.
April 12 UIL Region prep; Getting registered for NSDA Nationals